About Us

At In Shape Mummy, we are passionate about helping mums lead a healthy and happy life. Our goal is to guide and support mums to transform their health and bodies and to achieve their full potential in every aspect of their lives.

The In Shape Mummy Team is made up of some of the best experts in women’s health and postnatal health. Our team is dedicated to helping mums transform their health, fitness and energy. We are mums too so we understand the challenges mums face. We have designed our products to be practical and easy for real mums to get in shape.

We operate our business under these guiding principles:


We don’t believe you need to starve yourself to lose weight. Skipping meals and going hungry can actually hinder weight loss as it slows your metabolism and can cause over eating. Skipping meals also robs you of energy. We believe in enjoying delicious and nutritious food to avoid hunger while losing weight. Eating regularly helps you to sustain your energy.


Movement is key to losing weight and living a full and happy life. But exercise doesn’t have to be difficult! Busy mums don’t have the time or energy to spend hours in the gym. We believe in the age old exercise of walking. Walking burns calories, boosts health and releases happy hormones that boost your mood.


It’s hard to know where to begin and the world of health and nutrition can be confusing. Busy mums don’t have the time to do everything. So our experts have done all the work for you. We have made our products so that weight loss is simple for busy mums. And we are dedicated to motivating and supporting mums to achieve their goals.


We believe that eating nutritious wholefoods is the ideal way to lose weight. But we also recognise that busy mums are time-poor and that time spent cooking can be time away from our kids. So we’ve developed what we believe to be the healthiest meal replacement on the planet. We are committed to your long-term results so our products are ‘clean’ and are of the highest quality. That means you’ll get better results without any side effects. Our products contain brilliant natural ingredients like: Organic Pea Protein, Chia Seeds, Acai Berry and Milk Thistle to name a few.

Taking the Lead

From the first day we started our business years ago, we’ve always tried to make decisions that our customers could be proud of. We’ve never use ingredients from animal sources and all our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We have never used ANY fillers, soy hormones, processed whey protein, processed sugar, artificial colours or any of the other nasties that other companies use to maximise profits. We’re proud of our products and of the people who make them.

Whether you are a new mum or if you many kids, In Shape Mummy will help you achieve your goals in the easiest and healthiest way. 

Health & Happiness,

Lisa and the In Shape Mummy Team x

Your health
in expert hands.