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5 Minute Chocolate Fudge

This recipe gives you a little hit of chocolate, enough to satisfy your tastebuds! The main health benefits of cacao are the antioxidant flavonoids. They are beneficial for the effect on cardiovascular disease, protecting your arteries against damage, preventing blood clots and keeping blood...

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What to Eat When Breastfeeding

Did you know that 96% of Australian Mums Don’t get enough nutrients when breastfeeding? It’s not going to surprise many of you to hear that it is incredibly important to eat health foods while breastfeeding. When you’re breastfeeding, your baby is 100% dependent on you to provide...

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How friends can increase your likelihood of achieving your goals by 95%

Have you ever made a commitment to yourself to get in shape? I mean a real, rock solid promise that this time you were absolutely going to do it? And then… We’ve all done it. We’ve all made a commitment to ourselves that, this time, we’re definitely going to achieve our...

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Alcohol. What Impact does it have on weight loss?

A nice glass of wine or an ice cold beer can seem like an appealing choice after a long, busy day caring for kids. You may have also heard that alcohol, particularly wine, does have some health benefits, especially in terms of heart health. These so called “benefits” can make it easy to...

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What is the Ultimate Quick & Easy Meal for Busy Mums to get In Shape?

A nutritious smoothie is a great way for a busy mum to get a heap of nutrients in one sitting with minimal effort. They can provide the vitamins, minerals, fibre and whole food that you need to lose weight effectively and safely without starving yourself, In addition to a balanced diet.   With...

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Start Each Day On The Right Foot

How you start your day has a strong influence on how our day turns out. Days that have a positive start tend to turn out well. Days that have a negative start tend to turn out poorly. Have you heard the idiom “she must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed”? This ancient piece of...

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Dining Out Secrets: How to Survive Eating Out

Eating out is becoming more and more common due to increasingly fast-paced lifestyles. Sometimes grabbing food from a restaurant is the only way the family is going to be fed after a busy day of rushing around! But, going out to eat does not mean it's time to cave into cravings and blow your...

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200,000 Year Old Healthy Lifestyle Tips

People like to think of weight loss as an event. And once they lose weight they go back to unhealthy eating and put the weight back on. We need to decide this is not a diet. It’s a new way of life for the new, slimmer you. It's no surprise so many women have difficulty shedding weight after...

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