What is the Ultimate Quick & Easy Meal for Busy Mums to get In Shape?

A nutritious smoothie is a great way for a busy mum to get a heap of nutrients in one sitting with minimal effort. They can provide the vitamins, minerals, fibre and whole food that you need to lose weight effectively and safely without starving yourself, In addition to a balanced diet.


With just a little preparation, smoothies can be a nutritious breakfast, snack, or meal substitute. One of the best parts about them is that kids love them too! It’s super easy to have ready to use ingredients on hand, such as frozen or fresh fruits, vegetables or Greek yoghurt that can be mixed together for a tasty treat or meal.

Here are some of the benefits smoothies can provide:

  1. Healthy weight loss. Smoothies are low in calories but are high in fibre and very filling. They can help fight hunger and cravings.
  2. Get your daily allowance of fruits and veggies. Eating enough fruit and veggies so that your body gets what it needs to stay healthy can be a challenge. By blending them in a smoothie, you won’t even notice they are in there. The taste of any veggies can be hidden by the sweetness of the fruit.
  3. Quick and easy. This is one of the best parts about smoothies for busy mums! Chuck a few ingredients into a blender, whizz it up and voila – you have a meal!
  4. More energy. The fruits and veggies in smoothies are a great source of nutrients to give you more energy to use through the day.
  5. Mental clarity. Junk food, especially processed white flour and sugar can make our brains feel foggy. This is because our blood sugar levels are all over the place due to the high glycaemic index of these foods. When you provide your brain with a balance of unprocessed carbohydrates along with the vitamins and minerals that it needs, the brain gets the fuel it needs to work properly.
  6. Easier on digestion. As smoothies are blended and the fibres are more broken down, this can make it easier on your digestive system. Some find that this can reduce heaviness and bloating that some suffer with after a meal.
  7. Clearer skin. Supply your body with the right balance of nutrients to help your skin to have a healthy glow.


Smoothies can be prepared in a variety of ways, depending on your taste preferences. It’s important to differentiate a smoothie and a juice, in that a smoothie generally contains more fibre and may contain protein depending on what you decide to add to it.

It is important that you make your smoothie with whole fruits and veggies and not with high sugar fruit juices and yoghurt. It is also essential to keep an eye on portion control. If you are blending vegetables with lots of fruits, nuts, seeds, powders and yoghurt, you can easily end up drinking a lot more calories than you would ever be able to actually eat. These calories can add up very quickly!

Many of the important vitamins we need are heat and light sensitive and tend to degrade over time, so it’s best to make your smoothies fresh.

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