4 Week Baby Body Blitz Plan

Lose 4 kg in 4 Weeks

With Your 4 Week Baby Body Blitz Plan

Get your very own Personalised Step by Step 4 Week Baby Body Blitz Plan for free NOW to:

  • Lose Weight
  • Boost your Energy
  • Gain Control and Improve your Health

Our plans are designed especially for Busy Mums. We promise no gruelling boot camp style workouts or starvation diets.

You're Unique & so is Your Plan

  • The KEY to Success is discovering your own Personal 'Energy Burning' Formula
  • Join us now and we'll calculate this for you and provide you with a Personalised Plan

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    • Enjoy Delicious & Healthy Recipes
    • Developed by leading nutritionists to boost energy and lose weight
    • Feel organised in minutes with New Tasty Meal Plans Every Week
    • No more guesswork, no more stress about what to cook to lose weight!
    • We'll calculate your body's own unique 'Energy Burning Formula'
    • And we'll provide you with Personalised Meal plans designed specifically for your body's needs 
    • You can customise your plan from a menu of options to suit your tastes
    • Choose how many people to serve
    • Breastfeeding and family friendly 

    Your Meal Plan will Boost Your Energy while you Lose Weight!

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    • Get Fun & Easy At-Home Exercise to accommodate mums of all fitness levels
    • We promise no gruelling boot camp style work outs that are impossible to stick to (if you even have the energy to start them)!
    • You'll stay motivated with our fun online Stepping Challenge which turns calorie burning into a game!
    • You'll have the chance to win amazing prizes just by participating!
    • You can chose from beginner, intermediate or advanced levels to suit your fitness level
    • Burn calories, boost your health and gets results!

    Burn Calories & Feel Amazing with Fun & Easy Exercise!

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    • You'll get awesome Motivation, Inspiration & Support to keep you you on track
    • It's too easy to get carried away with the challenges of motherhood so we'll help keep you focused
    • Your mindset is just as important as food and exercise when it comes to achieving your goals
    • Learn how to deal with cravings, how to deal with fatigue in a healthy way, how to make healthy choices when dining out , time-saving tricks for busy mums and more
    • Millions of mums all over the world have got in shape. So it IS possible for you too and we'll show you how

    Improve your Mindset, Boost Happiness & Avoid the Blues

Get Started Now!

The new slimmer & more energetic you is waiting!,

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Enjoy Delicious & Nutritious Recipes

You'll get a New Meal Plan Every Week

  • The world of nutrition can be confusing. Figuring out which foods and how much food to eat for your body’s needs can be overwhelming
  • The fastest and easiest way to get results is join our plan where the experts have worked out everything for you

  • You get new online meal plans every week, with delicious and healthy recipes developed by nutritionists
  • We’ll calculate your body’s own unique energy burning formula
  • And we’ll provide you with personalised meal plans designed specifically for your body’s needs
  • No more guesswork, no more stress!

We'll Motivate you to Move More!

We Turn Calorie Burning into a Game so you Have Fun!

  • We all know we need to exercise to get in shape but sometimes it's hard to get motivated
  • The best way to get motivated is to join the In Shape Mummy 4 Week Baby Body Blitz
  • We hold fun online stepping challenges, which have been designed specially to motivate mums to exercise more
  • We turn calorie burning into a game so you'll achieve your fitness goals and have fun doing it! 
  • You can chose from beginner, intermediate or advanced levels to suit your fitness level

We'll Set You Up For Sucess

And Keep You On Track

  • You already possess the most powerful secret weapon to achieve your goals. And that is your mindset!
  • We'll help you discover how to unleash it and to create a mindset for success! 
  • Change your mind and your body will follow
  • You have the power and the time is now!
  • You'll never be alone - you’ll have the support of our entire online community of mums all getting in shape on our plan at the same time as you
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Track Your Success

We'll Plot Your Progress on a Chart

  • Studies show that people are more successful at losing weight when we track our weight loss 
  • Plotting your weight over time reminds you of how well you're doing even when you've had an off week
  • Record your weekly weight online and we’ll plot your progress on a chart 

Start Your Transformation NOW!

The new slimmer & more energetic you is waiting!

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