About Us

In Shape Mummy is an Australian Health and Weight Loss Company.

We are passionate about helping mums lead a healthy and happy life. We guide and support mums to transform their bodies and change their lives through optimum nutrition and health.

The In Shape Mummy Team is made up of some of the best women’s health and postnatal experts who are dedicated to helping mums transform their health, fitness and energy. They are mums too so understand the challenges and have designed our products to be practical and easy for real mums to get in shape.

We don’t believe in starving yourself or spending hours in the gym to lose weight – busy mums don’t have the time or energy for that anyway! Our products are practical, easy and healthy.  And they boost your energy rather than take it away!

We are committed to your long -term results and care about your overall health. So our products are ‘clean’ and are the highest quality which means you’ll get better results without any side effects.

Our biggest products are our In Shape Mummy Health Shake and our 4 Week Baby Body Blitz Plan.

The In Shape Mummy Health Shake is a Quick and Easy Meal Replacement made specifically for to support Busy Mums losing weight. It is one of the healthiest shakes on the market with natural ingredients and no hidden nasties – which means more energy for you and no side effects.

Our 4 Week Baby Body Blitz Plan is a Step by Step action plan to kick-start your weight loss goals. It includes delicious and healthy recipes developed by nutritionists to boost your energy while losing weight, easy and fun at home exercise, weight loss tracking tools and awesome motivation and support. 

It’s hard to know where to begin and the world of health and nutrition can be confusing. So our experts have done all the hard work for you. When you buy In Shape Mummy you know you are buying expert approved products that get the best results. You are investing in your health.

We are looking forward to helping you take your health, fitness and energy to the next level! 

Kick-start your weight loss journey and get your In Shape Mummy Health Shake today.