Lisa Bergsma

 Lisa Bergsma

Founder & Health Enthusiast

Howdy Mums!

I'm Lisa, founder of the In Shape Mummy company and mum to an action packed toddler and a superhero loving little boy! I am passionate about helping as many other mums as possible to live healthy and happy lives.

I may be an in-shape mummy now, but I certainly wasn’t always this way.

When I was pregnant with my first baby I really took the concept of ‘eating for two’ to heart.

My big stomach looked so beautiful when there was a baby in there. But when my baby was out my big stomach was far from “beautiful”. In fact, I felt like a hideous beached whale.

It really hit home when someone asked, “when is the baby due?” 2 months after I had already given birth!

On top of looking terrible, I felt even worse.

I was constantly exhausted from the sleepless nights. I now know if someone claims they’re ‘tired’ and they haven’t had a baby… they don’t know what “tired” is!

Never in my life had I felt so out of control.

I felt like a physical and mental wreck. I felt like ripping my hair out.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Maybe you’re still struggling with these problems?

But I knew I couldn’t give in to these problems.. I couldn't wave the white flag and surrender myself to the “babies change your body forever” mentality. So… I decided I was going to change my body.

I set out on a mission to read everything I could about weight loss that I could get my hands on.

I looked at books, magazines, google, and weight loss plans. You name it, I took it in.

But nothing I read, listened to or watched seemed understand the challenges that real mums face.

Firstly, as mums we can’t starve ourselves on one of those supermodel starvation diets you see in the magazines. If we did, we’d have even less energy to cope with raising our kids.

And we simply don’t have the time to spend hours in the kitchen cooking gourmet diet meals.

And after busy days and sleepless nights we don’t have the energy for exhaustive boot camp style workouts.

I thought supplements might be a convenient answer but when I looked at weight loss shakes and products in the supermarket, I found that they were packed full of sugar and chemicals; certainly not suitable for breastfeeding my precious baby!

So, I went out and searched all over Australia to find the leading experts in women’s health and weight loss to create a healthy solution for mums just like me.

These experts were also real mums, so they understood the real challenges that we mums face.

Together my team of leading dietitians and nutritionists custom formulated a superfood health shake to give mums the big boost in energy they need to get through their busy day, all while safely losing weight in a completely healthy way. And, importantly, it is also breastfeeding friendly with special ingredients to help mums with their milk supply.

I breastfeed both my son and daughter until they were 2 years old. I attribute not only my weight loss, but also my breastfeeding success and my sanity to these shakes. I hope that they can help you as much as they helped me.

All the best to you and your precious families.

Lisa xo