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Julie Masci - Leading Dietitian & Mum of 2

"As a mum of two myself, I know how difficult it can be to prepare healthy food when things get hectic. It is natural to put the needs of our kids ahead of our own but it is essential that as Mums, we ensure we eat the correct balance of nutrients to power us through our busy days.

Before having children, I was never a huge advocate of meal replacement shakes. In the haze of sleep deprivation and feeding schedules, I found the convenience of a shake meant that I could get the nutrition I needed. I felt better and had more energy because it meant that I was eating better and never skipping meals or snacks. They kept me going!

Although eating well prepared, nutritious meals made from whole foods is always going to be the optimal nutrition choice, this isn't always possible. The In Shape Mummy Health Shakes are a great way for us Mums to easily supplement our nutrition needs in a tasty way. When combined with a balanced diet, they can provide the vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein that we need to sustain energy levels and/or lose weight effectively and safely.

Having a quick and tasty option like the The In Shape Mummy Health Shake also helps to reduce the risk of reaching for fast foods or a high sugar snack in moments of weakness. The In Shape Mummy Health Shake contains less than one gram of sugar per serve while avoiding the addition of any nasty artificial sweeteners. This is impressive considering many meal replacement shakes contain over 40 grams per serve - that's over 10 teaspoons per shake!

A key feature for these shakes is that they contain organic pea protein. Protein is essential for stabilising sugar levels, boosting energy levels and most importantly, keeping us full. Pea protein provides a low allergenic vegan protein option that is more easily digested and generally better tolerated than other forms of protein. Personally, I had two babies who were both dairy intolerant and having a shake that is free from dairy was a lifesaver.

The In Shape Mummy Health Shakes also support breastfeeding with natural ingredients such as milk thistle assisting with healthy milk production. Important antioxidants, fibre and Omega-3's are provided by the inclusion of superfoods such as Acai Berries and Chia Seeds.

In Shape Mummy Health Shakes are an overall great addition to the diet of a Mum who wants to look after her health and wellbeing without missing out. They’re quick, they’re easy and they’re nutritious."

Julie Masci is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist. She is a Mum to two boys - a blueberry loving toddler and a bouncing baby. Julie has appeared on television many times as an expert dietitian on Channel 9 News, Channel 7 News, Today Tonight and Brisbane Extra. In her career, she has been a monthly contributor to Prevention Magazine as their Grocery Guru and Australian Weight Watchers magazine. Julie is the founder and director of the New Life Nutrition company.

Joyce Bergsma - Nutritionist

"I tend to be wary of a lot of commercial meal replacement shakes made from whey and soy proteins. A lot of these shakes have highly processed or artificial ingredients and often contain sugar. What I like about In Shape Mummy shakes is that they are made with natural ingredients, which are so much better for your energy levels and health.

In Shape Mummy shakes are also made with organic pea protein, which I consider to be a better form of protein than the heavily processed whey protein, which often contains lactose. Lactose intolerance is more common than you might think, and may be undiagnosed in many people.

For my clients, who often struggle with making changes, or need to eat more frequently to stabilise their blood sugar, a healthy shake can be the ticket. I always advise preparing healthy snacks with protein and good fats in them, but a shake like In Shape Mummy's is also a great option. That way my clients are eating regularly, helping them to feel fuller for longer. They stabilise their blood sugar and, in the end, lose weight and feel happier.

Eating well prepared, balanced meals made from whole foods is always the best nutrition solution, but when you’re on the go, the In Shape Mummy Health Shakes are a far healthier choice than reaching for junk food."

Joyce is an Accredited Practising Nutritional Therapist. She has international experience helping mums over the world. Joyce has extensive experience delivering seminars, conducting workshops, giving personalised consultations and providing nutritional advice to companies. Joyce is the Founder and Director of the EatLiveLovefood nutrition clinic.

Mums are RAVING about us too...

Monique - Coomera, QLD

"The In Shape Mummy Shakes helped me lose all my pregnancy weight. They also gave me the energy to look after my 3 amazing children and to work out. I found the ISM Shake really easy to use as my breakfast and it kept me full and satisfied. I was traveling a hour to school drop off every weekday morning and this was a quick and very easy way to get in a healthy energising breakfast. Before I started In Shape Mummy I was skipping breakfast all together and feeling very flat. Best of all my baby gets to enjoy all the benefits through my breast milk as well." 

Maureen - Zuccoli, NT

"I am so grateful for all the people behind the In Shape Mummy Health Shake. It has helped me lose my post-pregnancy weight in a healthy way and very helpful during days where I had to wake up early for school drop offs and going to work. In just 3 months, I've lost 9 kgs and I couldn't be any happier. I've regained my energy and have lots of time to play with my 2 kids. It's breastfeeding-friendly which is even better for me because the nutrients this Healthy Shake has is good for my little one. I feel great and motivated to work out even more when I saw my results. I'm so in love with this Healthy Shake!!! Thanks to Lisa and the rest of their team." ♥️

Tania, Officer, VIC

"I'm loving it so far.. I'm already down in weight and I feel great :) Best purchase I ever made .. can't wait to get to my first mini goal of 65 then set my new goal of 60 :) .. so far it's been life changing, thank you so much !! It has literally boosted my milk supply. I used to pump 160 mls and now I average 240 mls .. I've never been able to get that."

Chiara, VIC

"I have always been a healthy person, exercised and did my best to eat a nutritious diet. This all changed when I became a mumma! Running to and from appointments, living my life according to nap times and feeding times - finding time to eat properly and exercise became extremely difficult. I lost almost all of my baby weight, but I had a stubborn 4kgs that just would not budge. This was particularly around my tummy area, and this has always been an issue for me. I had previously tried shakes, however as a breastfeeding mumma, I could not rely on ones that I had tried in the past. This led my to try In Shape Mummy as it is specifically designed for mums and doesn’t contain any nasties or extra caffeine. I love the shake recipe suggestions and how I can modify the taste of my shake by incorporating different ingredients. This means I never get sick of having the same shake over and over again. I also love how easy it has been to incorporate them into my every day routine and into my meal plan. After only 6 weeks of starting In Shape Mummy shakes I am proud to say those stubborn 4kgs are long gone! My stomach is flatter and I am less bloated. I feel more energetic and because I am not skipping meals I never feel hungry. I feel so happy to be back to my pre-baby weight. Everyone keeps commenting on how great I look and I am so glad to have found something that works for me but it also safe for my baby."

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