Mum of 2, Shazmin, Lost 20 kgs. See How She Did It

Hi, my name is Shazmin. I am mum of 3 year old girl and a 15 month old boy. I have lost 20kgs in 12 months.

Last time this year, I found In Shape Mummy Health Shakes while browsing the net for some support and help with losing some weight but safely because I was and still am breastfeeding.

One year later and 20 kgs lighter, I am so happy and feel fantastic!

The best things about being healthy now is how I am feeling physically and mentally. I can move around easily play and be present with my kids and not feel tired all the time like I did when I was overweight.

The saddest thing was when I was unhealthy was that I wouldn’t want to take any pictures with my babies. Because I really didn’t like to see myself like that I was a bit down in life that time. But now I take lots of pics with them :) I feel good about life in general.

Thank you, In Shape Mummy, for all your support. I went on holiday then slowed down a bit. But made some good lifestyle changes which is leading me towards healthier life.

I have 2 In Shape Mummy Health Shakes on most days (one for breakfast and one later in the day - either for dinner or as a snack after dinner). Plus healthy food for the rest of the day and a daily walk.

My Weight Loss Tips


Keep it simple. Start small.

Treat every new day as a new day.

If you're not feeling motivated remind yourself why and for who your doing this. -only you can help yourself no one else can do it for you. :)

Report to someone about what you're doing during the day around your health. I was reporting to my mum and husband. That helped me keep very motivated. My husband was a huge support. When he started noticing changes he made sure to tell me all the time and praised me for keeping on track. And it felt so good so uplifting. He would come on walks with me or watch the kids while I walked on the treadmill. This support was big part of my journey and success. 😊 💕

My Strategy

When I started my weight loss journey I read all the information in the In Shape Mummy Guide, the support and the reviews. This initial step equipped me with valuable knowledge and motivation.

Firstly, I gained a very clear realisation that "I didn’t just want to lose weight temporarily”. My aim was to make some lifestyle changes that will lead me towards a sustained healthy weight.

With this mindset, I worked out my plan of action to achieve my goal.

  • Nourish my body with good food for better lasting fuel (energy)
  • 30 minutes exercise daily (walking)
  • Watching my calorie intake
  • Keep strong at it and enjoy the results :)
  • Eliminating sugar from my diet entirely


I was never a breakfast person before but now I realise the importance of having breakfast for weight loss.

My breakfasts consist of:

  • In Shape Mummy Health Shake
  • Boiled eggs
  • Poached eggs on low carb bread
  • Rolled oats
  • Greek yogurt
  • Chia seed pudding with a dash of honey
  • Air fryer egg
  • Vege and cheese muffins


  • In Shape Mummy Snack Bars
  • In Shape Mummy Health Shakes
  • Light Greek yogurt and cottage cheese dash of honey
  • Light Cottages cheese on crackers
  • Light or Almond milk for coffees or tea
  • Salted and spicy fried peas
  • Boiled and salted slightly sautéed chickpeas
  • Cucumbers
  • Watermelon
  • Green apples
  • Chia seed drinks with dash of lemon n honey
  • Air fried lady finger bananas
  • Air fried cauliflower


  • Green salad with any protein is my favourite
  • Prawn skewers
  • Quinoa salad (this is also good substitute for my starchy foods)
  • Salmon with kumara and broccoli
  • Stake with chips and salad
  • Chicken curry with potato
  • Lentil soup
  • Lamb stew
  • Beef soup


  • My dinner is always light
  • Mostly an In Shape Mummy Healthy Shake
  • Green apple/other fruit
  • Left overs from my lunch


I made sure either to walk on my trade mill for 30 minutes or to take a walk outside.

I got myself a step tracker to help encourage me.

I understood well that moving around burns calories. This helped me with having a great mind set.

It made sense if I am aiming to burn calories then why will I be eating food that will add to my extra calories, other than my average daily intake.

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In Shape Mummy Health Shake


"I'm loving it so far.. I'm already down from in weight and I feel great :)  Not exaggerating when I say this is the best purchase I ever made .. can't wait to get to my first mini goal of 65kgs then set my new goal of 60kgs :) .. so far it's been life changing, thank you so much!! It has literally boosted my milk supply. I used to pump 160mls and now I average 240mls .. I've never been able to get that."

- Tania, Vic

Tanya lost 10kgs


"I discovered In Shape Mummy Health Shakes not long after my second baby was born. He has an intolerance to dairy so I was looking to find something that was safe for breastfeeding, and also vegan friendly. I have recently started a detox program with the help of a naturopath. She was so impressed with the ingredients that she has encouraged me to continue having it! In Shape Mummy has not only helped me lose the 26 kgs I put on in pregnancy, but it’s helped me nourish my body when I’ve been time poor and sleep deprived. It’s the only shake that I actually enjoy the taste of! My breakfast everyday includes ice, almond milk, water, a banana and my In Shape Mummy (my current fave is the caramel fudge!). At 11 months postpartum I feel great! And my breastfeeding journey is still going strong - my milk is in perfect supply for what Bub needs. I cannot recommend In Shape Mummy Health Shakes more highly!” 

Melanie, Vic

Melanie lost 26kgs


"I have lost over 30kg with In Shape Mummy Health Shakes, exercise and a complete diet change. ⁠⁠ I started at size 22 and am a loose size 12 at the moment… and nearly a 10! ⁠I feel so much better! With my injuries in my spine, pelvis and knee my weight loss has been the best thing for my pain. ⁠
7-8 months ago I couldn’t have even imagined I could drop this much weight! The change in my life has been insane! ⁠ My advice to other mums is “stick with it and don’t give up!” ⁠ Thanks so very much for your In Shape Mummy Health Shakes. They are the best thing for mums on the go and while breastfeeding as well. Words can not express how grateful I am with my weight loss. I couldn’t of started this without your shakes. My life is forever changed." ⁠

Jess, NT

Jess lost 30kgs