8 things I wish I knew about postpartum before I had a baby

mother and baby

1.    Going to the bathroom would be rough!

You focus so much on getting baby out… that you don’t consider how ‘down there’ might be feeling after giving birth. Up your fibre intake, and consider a Peri Bottle – it might just be your new best friend.

2.    How our relationship would change

Having a baby is a huge adjustment that affects literally every single aspect of your life together. You may find you experience frustration towards your partner – as well as a deeper love than you have ever known! The key thing is to communicate your needs as it can be easy to build resentment when you’re feeling so exhausted.

3.    It can be an emotional roller coaster

80% of new Mamas experience the baby blues in that first week or two after giving birth. This can leave you feeling a bit teary and over-whelmed. Go easy on yourself, nourish your body, prioritise rest and lean on your supports. If feelings worsen or persist beyond the first two weeks, please mention this to your health care provider.

4.    That I would still look pregnant for a while

Just because baby has arrived, doesn’t mean that the ‘bump’ instantly disappears overnight. It was nine months in the making - your body is powerful and has been through so much! It needs time to recover and adjust.

5.    Hair loss happens

You know that lush pregnancy hair? Some of it may fall out in the months following birth (thanks, hormones!). The good news is, this hair loss is only temporary. But, in the meantime, it can leave us with a noticeably thinner hairline, followed by those short spiky bits growing back – often you see this most around your “fringe” area.

6.    The importance of setting boundaries

Everybody seems to want to visit when you have a new baby. It’s understandable – this new little life is so worthy of celebration, joy and love! But, equally: you need your time and space protected as you and your little one get to know one another. That’s why it’s important to set boundaries early on (even in pregnancy!) around your expectations for visitors.

7.    How much my baby would need me

For nine months, your baby has been surrounded by the warmth, comfort and security of your womb. Now that they have arrived earth-side, they find all of this and more snuggled up on your chest – soothed by your beating heart and the sound of your voice. It’s no wonder why they need you SO much, Mama.

8.    How fast our babies grow

Seriously, all the days blur into one, and it feels like it happens overnight!

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