Laura's Post Pregnancy Success Story - Laura reveals her tips on how she did it!

"I absolutely love the In Shape Mummy Health Shake. I found it too hard to make my own food after having my son, on top of everything else. And the shakes are delicious.⁠

I've been able to lose my baby weight while breastfeeding which has been amazing!! I was stuck with an extra 10kg and have managed drop that in a very healthy way. Couldn't recommend this shake more!⁠

I have attached my 9 months in, 10 weeks out and 9 months out photos. The guides have all been excellent and I'm so glad I've been able shed my baby weight relatively easily without affecting my milk supply in fact boosting it!!! I have ordered all flavours on the In Shape Mummy Health Shake, but my favourites are the caramel fudge and chocolate brownie flavours.

I had RPOC diagnosed about 12 weeks post birth and I lost my milk after surgery to remove it. I am convinced that these shakes helped me boost my milk supply back up." - Laura⁠

Congratulations to Laura on having her 2nd baby, 10 weeks ago!

Laura says “Second time around after having by second baby 10 weeks ago.. I have been fortunate with having done it once... I already had the In Shape Mummy Health Shakes ready to go and started in the hospital  Having the shakes from day 1 made a huge difference this time I reckon... I ummed and aah'd about it first time after baby number 1 for a while because I was trying to research everything but having them in the hospital was great :) made everything fast track."

See what Laura eats in a day below…

Here's what Laura Did to Get In Shape...


  • In Shape Mummy Health Shake - the chocolate brownie and caramel fudge flavours are my favourites. I make my smoothie with 2 tbsp of the shake mix, one frozen banana, handful of spinach, tbsp of chia seeds and one cup coconut water (topped up with water or almond milk).

  • I have been doing this every day and often soak the chia overnight in the coconut water to get max benefits of that.

  • I have continued this after my second pregnancy and am now 10 weeks pp and back to pre baby weight.


  • Normally a small serve of steamed or sir fried salmon or chicken with salad.


  • My regular dinners look like:
  • Steak and salad.
  • Lasagna packed with veggies.
  • Chicken and steamed veggies.
  • Salad or salmon and sweet potato with brocollini.
  • Roast pork and roast veggies.
  • Butter chicken with potato and dahl (which was amazing during pregnancy).
  • In winter I love a good chicken bone broth and veggie soup which is packed full of nutrients.


  • I share a fruit platter or do a crunch n sip with my toddler. So I might have an In Shape Mummy Shake or a In Shape Mummy Snack Bar... and a few pieces of apple or mandarin.
  • Sometimes we share a few pieces of cheese and Roma tomatoes.
  • Or celery and carrot sticks with a bit of hummus.
  • I try and eat the same things as my son so he is encouraged.
  • I also make my own lactation bites. Here's the recipe I use: 2 cups old-fashioned oats, 1/2 cup ground or milled flaxseed, 3 tablespoons In Shape Mummy Health Shake mix, 1 cup peanut butter or almond butter, 1/2 cup honey, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1/2 cup Nodhu sugar free chocolate chips. Mix all ingredients together then roll into balls. So quick to make.



  • Water water water water... 2L min a day. I got myself a fancy 2L ombre water bottle from Kmart and I often put a tea infuser in there to help with the flavour if I'm not so motivated one day.


  • During my second pregnancy I did toddler and mum yoga once a week but have a very active son so the rest of my days not working were full of walks and park visits. I follow the Chloe Ting 2 week shred challenge but in the early days was very careful to modify the exercises to suit my recovery and fitness levels.

  • I started with 2 to 3 days a week of about half the program... and work my way up from there.

  • I also walk a heck of a lot whenever I can but given both my boys were born in winter months... I found the inside work outs really helpful when I couldn't get outside.  They have a really good warm up and warm down and some days.

  • That may be all I manage but consistently doing SOMETHING is the key!!

  • Even if you only manage some squats while you wait for the kettle to boil... or squatting when you bend to hang your washing out... it makes a big difference.

  • I also do tummy strengthening exercises on my back (to help with small separation) while my 8 week old does tummy time on my chest :)

  • After my first born I did retain some weight while breastfeeding so it doesn't "fall off" everyone... but I stuck to my regime and by about 9 months I was 1-2kg off my pre baby weight and a heck of a lot stronger.

  • Second time around.. I have been fortunate with having done it once... I already had the In Shape Mummy Health Shakes ready to go and started in the hospital. I 100% think the shakes made the difference this time as I started them from day 1. Just magic. I have a ways to go with the toning but I have no more weight to lose. I have a tonne of milk.  Collecting my let-down each feed with a haaka I get about 70ml still and he almost sleeps overnight already. 


  • I have always been pretty active and mindful of what I eat... but being able to keep up with my children (especially since having the second) at 40....having 2 under 2. . you can't sleep when baby sleeps because #1 is up all day lol.

  •  I need as many nutrients as I can get to help keep me energised during the day while suffering the night wakes again with a newborn.

  • I also need to be able to play with my toddler so keeping active is a must. I feel much better mentally when I workout.

  • Before I start and during.. I hate it lol but after I finish I feel like I've accomplished something small for myself and the endorphins flow from there.. getting started is definitely the hardest part but if you do little bits every day even if you have to stop because the world won't wait for you... it all counts... you can make your workouts and your food choices whatever you want them to look like and do what works for you and your babies.

  • Every day is different and most of your plans will go out the window but if you meal prep where you can or write a list of meals to cook/prepare.. it definitely makes it easier. I use my slow cooker and air fryer where I can and also got a pressure cooker.  I will also say that breastfeeding is really important to me for my littles and I love the benefits the shakes and snacks have provided me with-including saving my milk supply after unexpected surgery with my first pregnancy.


Keep at it mums! You are doing such an amazing job ❤️

Watch this video of Laura telling her story

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- Tania, Vic

Tanya lost 10kgs


"I discovered In Shape Mummy Health Shakes not long after my second baby was born. He has an intolerance to dairy so I was looking to find something that was safe for breastfeeding, and also vegan friendly. I have recently started a detox program with the help of a naturopath. She was so impressed with the ingredients that she has encouraged me to continue having it! In Shape Mummy has not only helped me lose the 26 kgs I put on in pregnancy, but it’s helped me nourish my body when I’ve been time poor and sleep deprived. It’s the only shake that I actually enjoy the taste of! My breakfast everyday includes ice, almond milk, water, a banana and my In Shape Mummy (my current fave is the caramel fudge!). At 11 months postpartum I feel great! And my breastfeeding journey is still going strong - my milk is in perfect supply for what Bub needs. I cannot recommend In Shape Mummy Health Shakes more highly!” 

Melanie, Vic

Melanie lost 26kgs


"I have lost over 30kg with In Shape Mummy Health Shakes, exercise and a complete diet change. ⁠⁠ I started at size 22 and am a loose size 12 at the moment… and nearly a 10! ⁠I feel so much better! With my injuries in my spine, pelvis and knee my weight loss has been the best thing for my pain. ⁠
7-8 months ago I couldn’t have even imagined I could drop this much weight! The change in my life has been insane! ⁠ My advice to other mums is “stick with it and don’t give up!” ⁠ Thanks so very much for your In Shape Mummy Health Shakes. They are the best thing for mums on the go and while breastfeeding as well. Words can not express how grateful I am with my weight loss. I couldn’t of started this without your shakes. My life is forever changed." ⁠

Jess, NT

Jess lost 30kgs